Interested in Sustainability But Don’t Know Where to Start? Check Out These Three Cool Places to Visit


GREEN IN BKLN: 432 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

This vintage shop was started by a native New Yorker on Earth day! Here you can buy eco-friendly household items, like bio-friendly cleaning products and recycled paper stationery. This beloved hub is home to a variety of locally produced products, as well. This is a one-stop-shop where you can buy  everything from your next favorite lipstick, to the tea you’ll crave when reading that book for the second time!


CELSIOUS: 115 N 17th Street, Brooklyn, NY

This laundromat will blow your socks off! It is loaded with energy-efficient washers and dryers, coupled with ingredient detergent from Simply Co. It is definitely not a dime in the dozen with its aesthetically pleasing design and an attached fair trade cafe. You can bring your chai latte outside into the backyard of Celsious while you wait for your sustainable load to be finished in peace in the beautiful garden.

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PACKAGE FREE SHOP: 137 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY

Last, but certainly not least, this shop is the latest effort by Lauren Singer, the guru behind the ‘Trash is for Tossers’ blog. Here you can find household products, beauty products, AND clothes from a plethora of ethical sourced brands. Pick up a new concept like a lotion bar or a new incense stick.