sophie kennedy

Chief Sustainability Officer
& Co-founder

Hi! I’m Sophie, the Chief Sustainability Officer at Seastraws. I grew up in the Florida Keys and watched precious coral reef ecosystems such as Carysfort Reef become the case studies for environmental disasters. As a kid coral reefs were my playgrounds which turned me into a total oceans nerd.  While invasive, I am fascinated with lionfish! From coral reproduction, recruitment, and restoration research in Bermuda (aka studying coral sex) to attending the Island School in Cape Eleuthera, and working at marine NGOs, you could say I’m obsessed. While I’m a total science geek, I love to mix it up by making art. Marine plastic pollution caught my attention when I found a microplastic fiber in my coral larvae sample. This inspired me to generate awareness about plastic pollution, so I made and wore a dress out of plastic bags. Working at Seastraws is a breath of fresh air because our mission represents a solution to the plastic pollution problem. It is rare in the environmental field to come across such feasible solutions like compostable straws!