The Current: July 2nd Edition

Wassup Dogs! No better way to beat the heat than taking a dip in the ocean. Today, we are going to update you on sustainability around the world and how to make your Fourth of July a green one. We hope this will help our oceans to be clean for many heat waves to come!

First, Cool Off with Some Gelato

This past week, Eataly announced that it would be removing all plastic straws from its U.S. store locations by July 31st, ahead of a rally and public hearing on a bill that would ban plastic straws in New York City. The bill would ban any food establishments from providing plastic straws and plastic stirrers, except in the case that a customer is disabled or has a medical condition, and would take effect 6 months after the bill is passed. This plan is supported by activist Adrian Grenier and NYC Councilman Rafael L Espinal Jr., who reminds us, "there are 140k plastic straws right here in NYC floating in our waters."

Then, Swim Along the Californian Coast

Moving over to California, a state bill that would require restaurants to only provide plastic straws to customers on request passed the Assembly by a wide majority last month. Now, the measure needs the Senate and Governor Jerry Brown's approval to become law. A handful of California cities including San Luis Obispo, Manhattan Beach and Malibu have already banned them. Malibu's regulation, which includes single-use plastic straws, cutlery and stirrers, went into effect June 1. Luckily so far compliance has been high!

Next, Put the Heat On Companies in India

Burger King, McDonald's and Starbucks are some of the dozens of companies that have been fined for violating a India's new ban on single-use plastics. Fines range between 5,000 rupees ($73) for a first-time offenders to 25,000 rupees ($367) or even three months in jail for those who have repeated offenses. 

The world is swelling with a lot of news as this movement for a plastic-free world heats up. The Current is excited to be at the forefront of this conversation! You can join in too and tell us your thoughts, ideas, and words of inspiration by tagging @SeaStrawsCo with #PassOnPlastic on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Echo Chen