The Current: June 19th Edition

Happy Monday! With National Surfing Day and Father’s Day, I am sure you are all recovering from a tsunami of a weekend! Today, we are continuing our conversation about a plastic-free ocean. Here is your quick weekly update on sustainability around this big blue world!

A Whale of a Movement

Remember that whale found with 80 plastic bags in his stomach? Well, it has sparked a global conversation that is still progressing.

Three major companies are responding with change! SeaWorld, Ikea and Royal Caribbean have vowed to remove plastic straws and bags from their properties. Hopefully the ripples from these actions get even more corporations involved in rethinking the way we use plastic.                 

Scientists are also concerned and doing more research on the impact of plastic on sea life . When fish eat, they cannot distinguish between plastic and food. According to the United Nations Environment Program, if pollution levels keep rising, in the next 30 years there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish! 

Plastic Conservation takes to the Skies

Flying fish are clapping their fins for Alaska Airlines as the first airline in history to renounce the use of plastic straws on all flights.

On land, 1,800 restaurants, schools, and other institutions have stopped using plastic straws. It’s rad to see this movement spreading to the skies too!

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Echo Chen