The Current: June 8th Edition

World Ocean's Day

Happy World Oceans Day! Today, we are looking out beyond the horizon line and listening to the sea shells around the world. Two major global regions have been in the news recently when it comes to plastic: Southeast Asia & Europe

Let’s dive into Southeast Asia first, where four of the world’s top marine plastic polluters are located.

Singapore and the Waste Island

Singapore has been doing an awesome job at limiting waste. For all you land sharks out there, you rarely see trash when walking through the city. That is because all non-recyclable waste is burned. Then, the ash and solid waste gets put on a boat and sent to a man-made island, designed to be a nature preserve.

This Waste Island was projected to have capacity for more waste until 2045 - but now it is projected to be full by 2035. Plastics makes up the largest category of Singapore’s waste, yet only 6% of it was recycled!

Singapore needs to be thinking about plastic reduction in the long term. More news to follow, as Singapore is planning a special meeting of 10 Southeast Asian countries on climate action in July.

Thailand and the Whale

Hundreds of turtles, dolphins and whales die on Thailand’s beaches because of plastic waste intruding on their homes.

Recently, a tragic story of one whale has been surfing around the internet. This whale washed ashore in Thailand in critical condition with a stomach full of 18 pounds of plastic. Days later, the whale died.

Serious coastal alert! We need to keep this conversation going for the sake of all the future animals that will be affected by plastic waste. Don't be afraid to talk to your friends about it!

Now, let’s hop over a few currents and swim to the European Union…

EU Plastic Ban

EU Commission has proposed a ban on plastic products including straws, drink stirrers, and plates. Also, use of plastic food and drink containers will be reduced. If this legislation passes, 90% of single bottles plastic drink bottles before 2025. But, don’t start partying yet, as we wait to see if this ban is approved!

Our plastic usage is being questioned around the world, and it is important to spread this to our local communities too! Send The Current to your friends and you can even get rad swag through our newsletter referral program.

Echo Chen