Goodbye, plastic


SeaStraws are drinking straws made of compostable paper as well as reusable stainless steel and silicone that aim to cut the amount of plastic entering our oceans. Whether you're a coffee shop in the city, a juice bar on the beach, a restaurant in the suburbs, or anything in between, we'll help you be more sustainable.

Made in the USA without any plastic, our paper SeaStraws are wholly compostable with FSC-100 and SCS Responsible Forestry certifications, ensuring that all SeaStraws are made with paper from only FSC certified sustainable forests.


Select your straw

Whether you want to get creative or prefer the traditional, get sustainable in style with our loose or individually wrapped straws.


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Find the amount that benefits your big or small business. No matter the size we'll help you save the seas!


Automatic 3% donation

3% of your payment goes directly to marine-oriented nonprofit organizations



A partnership rooted in sustainability

The SeaStraws mission is to use drinking straws to accelerate the movement towards a plastic-free world, and all businesses that use our products are our partners in trying to reach this goal. 

Let's take a look at what we can help change together.



Marine species affected by pollution


500 million

Plastic drinking straws used by Americans every day



of the trash in oceans is PLASTIC


your fave spots

Want your local coffee shop, smoothie bar, or restaurant to be more sustainable? Refer us  and we'll get in touch. The more people you get on board the better, so tell your friends and family and let's get green!


We’ll help your restaurant get sustainable for free.

Let’s work together in the first steps of creating a plastic-free world. With our Free50 program, we will provide your restaurant with your first batch of SeaStraws for free.


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